Packaging and Shipping Artwork

Trying to figure out the best way to send your art work off to an exhibition? We have some tips and tricks to keep your life and the gallery’s easier, and professional.

When you are packaging your artwork, be sure to do so neatly.

Wax paper, and bubble wrap are your friend! The paper can be used to wrap around 2D pieces to make sure nothing gets them dirty or smudged while the bubble wrap keeps everything in one place and safe. Also, use a quality box with is sturdy and well taped.

Avoid packing peanuts!

They get all over everything, stick to artwork, and make an overall huge mess unpacking and repackaging.

Do not leave gaps in your box or between boxes.

Any space in your box can cause things to move and shift, and in some cases damage the work itself that will have to be returned. In very bad cases, the art work can be destroyed altogether or be a hassle to refinish. Fill gaps with bubble wrap, newspaper, or something alike to make sure everything stays where it should be.

Using white paper and bubble wrap? Save your gallery some time and use brightly colored tape.

Using clear tape on clear wrap and paper can be a nightmare. Save your gallery the extra time, and make yourself stand out not only with quality art but with quality packaging.

Lastly, make sure you read your gallery’s policies and artist agreement in full before sending artwork.

You want them to have everything they need, including a return shipping label/tracking number if requested. Sending things right the first time means they will not have to reach out and wait for you to do it later!

Have more questions? Reach out to use here at Vanessa Lacy Gallery and we would be happy to help you out!

Good luck to everyone out there packaging artwork and sending to new and far away galleries!

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