Behind the Mise En Scène | Vanessa Lacy Finding The “Flow State”

Vanessa Lacy’s art career and her namesake gallery are featured in “Behind the Mise En Scène | Vanessa LacyFinding The “Flow State”by John McGrath
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My “Why?”

Happy Holidays from Vanessa Lacy GalleryA word from Vanessa:  In this cold and dreary season I like to take the time to reflect on my “Why”.  Why did I chose to be an artist, and why do I work twice as hard by also running my own gallery?  All the hard work and sacrifices are worth...
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Packaging and Shipping Artwork

Trying to figure out the best way to send your art work off to an exhibition? We have some tips and tricks to keep your life and the gallery’s easier, and professional. When you are packaging your artwork, be sure to do so neatly. Wax paper, and bubble wrap are your friend! The paper can...
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Fun Sized Art

Hello all! The Vanessa Lacy Gallery has an open call for artists to submit works to our Small Works Show. Come by and see double the art fit in our space, and find the one that fits perfectly in your home. The gallery will exhibit works of art all 14″ or smaller from October 18th...
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Artist Talk with Wes Casey and Johne Richardson

Hello all! Exciting times at the Vanessa Lacy Gallery August 30th! We will be hosting an artist talk with Wes Casey and Johne Richardson, both of which were featured in our last show, “Abundance.” If you did not get a chance to come see the show, be sure to stop in to see their work...
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Nocturnal Illuminations

Art that draws us in like moths to a flame, ‘Nocturnal Illuminations’ spotlights artists that works glow. Join us as we come together to celebrate the beauty, mystery, and excitement of the night. This dark and dreamy collection will feature local and national artists, and is open to apply to now at The opening...
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The opening reception for “Abundance” is June 21st, 5-9. “Abundance” is an art exhibition centered around the limitless potential of creative energy and human ambition paired with the breathtaking awesomeness of nature. Take a moment to consider the incredible capacity of the Earth and the human heart to withstand darkness, heal, and rise up to...
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guest viewing painting at opening reception

Recapturing Capturing Bliss

Happy Friday! With this warm weather the energy is starting to return, so we’re here to recap our Capturing Bliss Show! The gallery was fortunate enough to have Teresa Dirks jury and curate this group show. She is an artist working on the 5th floor of the Livestock Exchange Building, and we have admired her...
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Upcoming Valentines Figure Drawing Class

This Valentines weekend, why not try something a little differently? Why not attend our figure drawing class hosted by local artist David Titterington? Perfect for yourself or as a couple, you will have the opportunity to draw one of the most loved images of all art history, the nude human form. For only $20 per...
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