Original Art Prices 2019

Prices good through 2/1/2020

5” x 7” & 6” x 6” $215

8” x8” $285

8” x 10” $295

10” x 10” $315

12” x 12” $450

11” x 14” $425

12” x 20” $525

16” x 20” $712

18” x 24” $1025

20” x 24” $1100

24” x 36” $1400

36” x 48” $1850

48” x 72” $4200

Commission Policies

Here are some straightforward policies to keep things running smoothly:

I require a non-refundable 50% good faith payment before I begin the project.  This helps me to acquire art supplies to start the project and shows me you intend to pay in full once the project is complete.

I can show you reference photos and sketches before I begin the work.  I don’t normally make preliminary sketches, but I can if this makes the client more comfortable.   If you want a certain vantage point of a landmark or you want a certain time of day or a certain color theme, let me know so I can do my best to give you the work you want. 

We will come up with a reasonable deadline of when you need the work completed and framed. I aim to complete the work ahead of schedule.

Pay the remaining 50% of the purchase price upon pickup or delivery.  Delivery and installation may be additional charges. If you are not satisfied with the work, I can make minor changes in detail but I cannot start completely over with different subject matter or a completely different composition.  If you want to make major changes, we will need to commission a new work. Remember the nonrefundable 50% deposit. Our time is valuable so I’m going to do my best to make sure everyone is clear on our collective vision for the piece.

Vanessa Lacy