My “Why?”

Happy Holidays from Vanessa Lacy Gallery

A word from Vanessa: 

In this cold and dreary season I like to take the time to reflect on my “Why”.  Why did I chose to be an artist, and why do I work twice as hard by also running my own gallery?  All the hard work and sacrifices are worth it when I remember my “Why”.

Art has always been the tool I use to bring joy to myself and others, and I couldn’t be a hermit in the studio all day every day!  I need the regular interaction and encouragement of those who visit me in the gallery. It’s a place to love and to be loved.

“Why paint Kansas City?” I paint Kansas City to tell your story and to celebrate our shared home. Our city has so many special places that bring to mind memories and feelings of familiarity. Gleaming wet street scenes and towering cityscapes represent hope, creativity, and growth. 

When I ask myself why, and I seek a greater purpose for my career and my life, it all boils down to joy and service. It is a joy to create and deliver art that inspires, celebrates, and brings peace and warmth into the lives of those who support what I do.

Thank you for your continued support in my mission to create and deliver peace, warmth and joy.

P.S. I have decreased hours in the gallery since things seem to slow down in the winter and so I can get more studio time in.  But, if the lights are on in the gallery, that means I’m in the building.  You can call the gallery  or head on up to suite 667 to visit me in the studio and I’ll be happy to open up the gallery for you outside of my new winter hours which are
Friday 1-5 and Saturday 11- 3.


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