Artist Talk with Wes Casey and Johne Richardson

Hello all!

Exciting times at the Vanessa Lacy Gallery August 30th! We will be hosting an artist talk with Wes Casey and Johne Richardson, both of which were featured in our last show, “Abundance.” If you did not get a chance to come see the show, be sure to stop in to see their work from “Abundance” as well as some new work from both of these talented artists, and hear about their process, inspiration, and techniques.

Wes Casey explores nature, science, and history in his works, and usually derives his figures from his observations of the world around him. He researches the historical and scientific background of his subjects and then seeks to blend them with myth and folklore. His sculptures contain something magical.

Johne Richardson is a local oil painter who’s painterly techniques are something to be seen. His dream-like cloud scenes capture the viewers attention and pull them in. Richardson’s brushstrokes all have their place, and come together to form beautiful scenes of sunsets.

Be sure to drop by, support and meet our featured artists, and learn some new things about painting and sculpture! Can’t wait to see you there.

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