Recapturing Capturing Bliss

guest viewing painting at opening reception

Happy Friday! With this warm weather the energy is starting to return, so we’re here to recap our Capturing Bliss Show!

The gallery was fortunate enough to have Teresa Dirks jury and curate this group show. She is an artist working on the 5th floor of the Livestock Exchange Building, and we have admired her work for a long time! Here is a short excerpt about Teresa:

‘Growing up in the rural quasi-south, around seamstresses, quilters, gardeners, and farmers, I learned to love nature, nurture, growing and making. This made me. Creative.

So now, when I create art, my aim is to reconstruct those experiences from life as a woman, or from the environment, and share that connection. I strive to recreate a conceptional experience whether it is the complexity of urban decay, the intensity of the sky, or the linear connection to cultivation, nature, and the horizon. The proportions and structure within my works strive to create some sense of balance.’

You can see why she was the perfect candidate for the ‘Capturing Bliss’ Exhibition! She and Vanessa looked through 645 pieces of artwork, can you imagine? Going through an overwhelming amount of art while still visualizing the space and creating a cohesive body of work. It look a day, but they managed to select 23 pieces and develop a wall plan for the show.

February 8th arrives, art is up, everything is in place! A really special feature for this show was the string quartet, ArKCo! Not often are we able to book four musicians to play, and their gorgeous takes on classical music and modern favorites was astounding. We couldn’t have found a better fit for our group theme!

More about ArKCo:

ArKCo Quartet has been playing Kansas City weddings and events as a group since 2014. Marshall Hylton, first violin, manages The Ox Cafe and Bakery and is a volunteer member of Northland Symphony Orchestra.

Mary Sanders, second violin,

Robyn Tuwei, viola, is an orchestra teacher in the North Kansas City School District. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and cooking new recipes.

Jason Rideout, viola sub, recently graduated from William Jewell College with a degree in music performance. He has performed as a soloist with the Liberty Symphony Orchestra and enjoys playing in local musicals.

Rachel Fuentes, cello, primarily works as a private cello instructor and is a volunteer member of the Northland Symphony Orchestra.  In addition to teaching, she loves cooking, eating, and relaxing with her family.

With another great show in the books, we are feeling as lucky as ever. Below are photos of this fun and blissful night!

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Curator Teresa Dirks and Gallery Owner Vanessa Lacy posing together
String Quartet playing at opening reception

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