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Growing up in the rural quasi-south, around seamstresses, quilters, gardeners, and farmers, I learned to love nature, nurture, growing and making. This made me. Creative. So now, when I create art, my aim is to reconstruct experiences from my environment, and share that connection with the viewer. I strive to recreate a conceptional experience whether it is the complexity of urban decay, the intensity of the sky, or the linear connection to cultivation, nature, and the horizon. My work investigates relationships and envisions a world where we are all giving and given respect. It is about harmony. It is about lines and those intersections, or parallels, where good things happen. Over the years, my work has developed texturally and organically by using the visual elements and principles of color, line, texture, movement, and pattern. The resulting variants and contrasts reflect the complexities and tension. My art has come to symbolize my inner strength as a woman and connection with my world and years spent watching the brilliance of the world around me.