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Prairie Notes

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"Prairie Notes"

by Terry Lacy

3" x 10"


"Our farm and studio located in the Wabash Valley is surrounded by hills, fields, pastures and streams. The landscape images I see every day are in constant flux. In spring emerging crops unveil striking field patterns. The light changes every hour. Colors evolve every week. Fields of alfalfa and grass twist in the wind to create a lush green fabric. After cutting for hay, their rows of green redefine the dimensions of a familiar field. White clouds floating on a blue morning sky become orange purple blankets in an evening western sky.

Using these images as a curtain for my art I work every day developing sketches in pencil, ink and watercolor, preferably on site. I often produce many variations of the same composition, eventually producing a final finished full color watercolor.

My background as an artist also includes years of study and work as a graphic designer, which in turn tend to tilt my work toward stylized shapes, patterns and intensified color gradations.

After sorting through my finished water colors I choose a few for the creation of larger one of a kind artwork created in wet cotton paper pulp. The medium of handmade paper or pulp painting uses pigmented cotton fibers suspended in water for the production of the final piece of artwork." - Terry Lacy

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