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Ode to Anderson Ranch Kiln Shed

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"Ode to Anderson Ranch Kiln Shed"

by Will Van Dyke

9" x 6.25" x 9"

Soda fired ceramic sculpture based on kiln shed at Anderson Ranch Art Center in Snowmass, Colorado

Will Van Dyke is an artist, both a painter and ceramic artist who has an abiding interest and delight in the visual, whether it is wooden barns, corn cribs, steel bridges, ceramic bowls, concrete silos or a rusted piece of metal in the street that catches his eye as he walks to work.

“I am constantly drawn to forms, shapes and images, both urban and rural. Toshiko Takaezu and Warren Mackenzie have heavily influenced my ceramic art. Toshiko’s wonderful shapes and forms, especially her bottle forms, with their mysterious openings and vibrant colors and glazing gave me much to emulate and admire. Warren’s work I admire for it’s simplicity and human centered approach with pots made for everyday use and enjoyment, and I have used these two artists as touchstones for my own work.

Most recently I have incorporated water tower, corn crib and silo sculptures into my ceramic work, echoing my delight in these urban and rural structures, many of which are being lost forever, as corn cribs collapse under their own weight after years of neglect, and water towers, especially in Chicago, which are eliminated as the buildings they stood on are demolished to make way for new, taller buildings.

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