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by Jim Allen

9.75" x 9.75

Holga camera image. Gelatin Silver Fiber-Based Selenium-Toned B&W Photograph printed from 120 B&W film [Image: 9.25" x 9.25"] [Framed: 15" x 15 "]

"As a photographer I like to create images that have “multiple” layers, either physical or psychological, or both. I find that by creating layers within an image, makes it more engaging and interesting for the viewer, as well as for me in the creation of the image. Two ways that I do this is by creating in-camera double exposures and by shooting into reflective surfaces such as window or mirrors. The images selected for this show are illustrations of these methods (see: China Dream, THE HEAD, Traveling Dreams, Closed, Elvis x 3).

I primarily shot with medium format cameras (Holga-120N, Mamiya-C3 TLR, Hasselblad-503CW) using Ilford HP5 120mm B&W film, and process all film and images in the darkroom creating selenium-toned gelatin-silver prints." - Jim Allen

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