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Basket of illusion open vessel #16

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"Basket of illusion open vessel #16"

by Scott DeWeese

10" x 10" x 5"


Scott Deweese shares his artist statement below:

"Woodworking has always been my passion from an early age. Formally trained as an Industrial Artes Educator and having spent over 45 years in the construction trade. I am now turning my talents to wood turning and making wood turned objects. I have been focusing on a style called “baskets of illusion” recently and have enjoyed the details and creativity to produce these pieces. The amount of time involved in creating each piece is great as each square is hand colored with fine India ink pens after turning and the pyrographics have been completed. Some pieces have over 15,000 individual squares that will de detailed with five or six strokes each of the pen. It is this attention to detail that gives me much pleasure, as I love the challenge."

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