April Paint Out

Vanessa Lacy Gallery Alex Hamil Paint Out En Plein Air Kansas City Missouri

The Vanessa Lacy Gallery’s first Paint Out event took place on April 7th from 10am-3pm. Artists were invited to paint en plein air in the Stockyards District. The high for that day was around 45 degrees and it was quite a windy day. However, dedicated artists from the community didn’t let that stop them. Artists painted near the levee along Bill Haw’s property, on top of the Westbottoms Parking Garage that overlooks the historic architecture, and along the 12th street bridge.

The burning of Bull Mountain also took place this same day. Bill Haw, the owner of the Livestock Exchange Building, has property around the Stockyards District. This property includes a mound of grass on Genessee St. with iron bull silhouettes. Every year, around the time that the Flint Hills Prairie is burned, Bill goes out with some men and the fire department to burn off the dead grass and make room for new, healthy grass.

Artists were able to come in to the gallery for breaks during their painting for some hot coffee and snacks. Thank you to all of the artists who participated in this event, despite the cold! For more information on upcoming Paint Out events, keep an eye on our website event page.

April Paint Out Vanessa Lacy Gallery En Plein Air Kansas City Missouri
Kansas City Vanessa Lacy Gallery En Plein Air Paint Out
Prairie Burn Bull Mountain Vanessa Lacy Gallery Stockyards District

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